All my life I was set to be
Something I could not believe

So sedated, so abused
Mindless choice set me to lose

Stains from past woke up me fast
Fading fast, I can't let it last

Strangely something cleared up my sight
I am free to fly up high


For how long will I stand here
Gazing stars out there?
I'm sick of beeing a dreamer
I can't pretend to care

Because my dreams they haven't died
And I feed them in my mind

And as each head is a world
Built on the untold
This pression, opression pushing me
It's deep within my soul

Cause I, I can't just fake myself
Cause I, I won't be someone else

At plain sight, the brightness blind my eyes
You stare at me
You just wish me to die

Scum of this society, I've been taught to live
Flattened by the heavy eyes of disbelief
You better watch your back be aware of what you seek
Cause taming all the wild minds will help us to get out of here

At plain sight, hopelessness in your eyes

Despite of this society, inspite of what we see
Our anger is a fresh hope, our soul thrives to be free
Society is a mob that we've learned how to live
Fuck this. I'm out of this train
Gotta go, gotta break free


Everyday I see a shadow that blurs my soul
Every night I see the hope and I let it go

Every morning when I wake up it shows to me
But every time I try to stare it just fades from me

Did, Did I lost sight?
Did, I lost the light?
I, I can’t find me
I can’t let me be

All I need is everything I known
All I need is everything I known

Every problem that I face up and try to seek
Every single chance I have missed just failed at me

Every single challenge I've been, challenged to face me
And every fight I tried to miss fades right in front of me

Every day I see the shadow takes away my soul
And every time I feel the hope I hope I can let it go

Did, Did I lost sight?
Cause I feel I lost the night
Every time I try to see
Every time it fades from me

Every thought I think about rips something off from me
And every bitter bite I've tasted tasted some of me

Every fight I fought and last enough to see the end
Feels like I lost to feel the cost and fought just to pretend

Did, Did I lost sight?
Cause I feel I lost the light
Every time I try to see
Every time it shows to me

Every time I try to see
Every time it shows to me
Every single breath I breathe
I can see

All I need is everything I known
All I need is everything I known

Light Flashes

Instrumental Only

Losing It

Steal my senses from me
Dispossess the feelings that I own
Keep me from my soul

Mess all my memories
Blur them so my sanity is gone
Pull me off my throne

Am I just losing it?
Am I?

Spill my life off from me
Stick some senseless pleasures in my soul
And never let me know

Fool me as I can’t see
Flick the switch of my torn head and blow
Blow me off my own

Am I just losing it?
Is my head making it?
Am I?


Opened eyes that doesn't see
Beating heart that doesn't feel
Thoughts that are not just standing still
Switching from real to unreal
Never clear for what he means
He's never really there

His mind it ain't free
His body it ain't free
His soul it ain't free
So help him be

Cause if he finds
He is in control
He'll see in his thoughts
He lost it all

And with his thoughts
you take control
of this men's mind
and wrap it all
give to this poor soul

Freedom, yeah
A true sense of self control
Freedom, yeah
Inner peace into his soul
Freedom, yeah
A completeness of your own
Make it be and never leave
Your hopes and dreams
And thoughts for fears
Be free

Looking deep into his eyes
You will see the pain that lies
Look too deep and you will fall
And you too will lose it all
Never fear for what you'll see
Don't ever sleep in there


Instrumental Only

Story Of A Lifetime

Loved with the strength of the time
With no answers to find
And still lived the life at its fullest

Dreamed with the mind of a child
Never thought of the wild
Never thought of what might have been

Stood for the answers of time
And I'll never will hide
All the lessons that I have came through

Though, after all that I've done
Seeing who I've become
Every day I still think of everyone that is gone

For the good or the bad
And that still makes me sad
Makes me think if I'm ready to be

Hope Is what keeps me alive
Makes me eager to find
Keeps me sane so I dont fall for the lies of

Time grows my humanity
Makes me see what I see
It takes time to feel what I do feel

But as the time, it goes by
We all come out to find that truth is just a gray in a black and white

And we regret our lies
And we balance the tides
And we find out the answer to is love

For the things that we've done and for all that's to come
Even if what's to come is afterlife

And for all those we've met, for our work and our sweat
And for all this frustrations, lamentations that we've had

After all this time
And through all my fights
I have told you the story
Of my lifetime


Dreams you leave behind
Some things you love
The place you live
Placed all upon a shelf
(Are you) lost within yourself?

Things that we can say
And things that take our time away
Like the dreams we leave behind
Living in our minds

When you face up all your fears but no one cares for you
And you feel that there's no hope and no light shining through

Then you think your faith and strength are vanishing away
And the hopes and thoughts you had have is all that’s left to save

Things we have
In our heads

Reaching out for who you've been and what your looking for
Feelings that you feel and desperate thoughts come more and more

Time will come to tear you down and then you must refuse
Face it, shake it, make it,take it, break the lies they use

Things we have in our heads
Things we have in our heads
Things we have in our heads

In our heads