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Hi, and thanks for giving a try! <3
If you are patient enough, in ~40 minutes you'll be
pleased to have listened to a very carefully made record!
To give you a little more context, Enceladus is a conceptual record: it tells a fictional story of an enslaved martian boy named Stuart Bentham. The record sets the background for the chapters where Stuart decides to flea from Mars in order to pursuit a unknown, mysterious and legendary colony built on Enceladus moon.
So, from Liftoff to the latest Revelations, this album covers this drama.
Use your imagination and sit


The Twin Mills started as a solo project by Bruno Gouveia.

Enceladus is the very first music record I've ever made - in my spare time - and it took me 18 months and a lot of hard work to be concluded.
Everything was composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by me in my home studio in the Northern Area of Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you want to know more about this production, send me a message through The Twin Mills social medias and lets chat! Don't be shy!